America's On Hold Music & Message Service Since 1982

Who Is Commercials On Hold?

In 1982, we were one of the very first companies in America to begin marketing the concept of music and messages on hold. Now we’re servicing over 4000 clients nationally. Our staff is committed to providing you with the most professional “on hold” service anywhere in America. Using Commercials On Hold is the best investment you can make toward better customer relations.

Our service is customized for all types of businesses, industries and professions. Wherever there is phone traffic, there is a need for customized messages. So, whether you are a single-practice physician, or a corporation with hundreds of locations, we can professionalize your on hold message to keep callers informed and to generate inquiries. With degrees in Journalism, English and Communications, our copywriting department has the ability to research and write on any subject with expertise.

Commercials On Hold & OHMA

Since 2004 we have been an active member of The On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA), an international organization composed of audio marketing agencies that have joined together for several common purposes, including:

  • The advancement of the business community’s awareness of audio marketing as a cost-effective marketing tool
  • Maintaining the highest service standards
  • Sharing ideas and technologies between members
  • Providing members with networking opportunities
  • Promoting strict standards of ethical business conduct
On Hold Messaging Association

If you are researching audio marketing providers for your company, look for the OHMA logo when perusing their Web sites or other promotional materials. It’s your assurance that you’re working with a professional, trustworthy company that adheres to the industry’s highest standards.

Company Highlights

  • May 2016 – ‘Playlist Connect’ is introduced as our partner for offering licensed overhead music.  Music playlists feature major label music from your favorite artists.
  • May 2016 – We partner with two national VOIP providers to recommend services to clients needing enhanced phone service and equipment.
  • May 2012 – We celebrate our 30th year as ‘America’s Music and Message Service Since 1982’.
  • October 2013 – ‘Message Producer™’ is introduced as an online service allowing clients to create productions on demand and upload them to their equipment using our proprietary message producer.  The service uses pre-recorded announcements from the client’s archive to mix and match messages and music beds.
  • May 2011 – We win the On Hold Messaging Association’s ‘Judges Choice Award’ for creative on hold production for Boelcke Heating.
  • May 2010 – Allen Gaughf, President of Commercials On Hold is elected as Chairman of the Board of OHMA for the upcoming year.
  • June 2007 –We begin offering a new Web Department, featuring complete web services including design, coding and hosting.
  • May 2007 – We celebrate our 25th year as ‘America’s Music and Message Service Since 1982’.
  • March 2006 – A new USB digital player is introduced to clients that allows productions to be emailed from our studios directly to their business, eliminating physical media and travel delays.
  • March 2004 – We join OHMA, the On Hold Messaging Association, which allows us to meet nationally with member providers to plan improvements for servicing the on hold message industry.
  • February 2004 – A new digital player utilizing CD technology is offered to clients as an alternative to cassette tapes.
  • June 2003 – An internet download player (Net 7000) from Premier Technologies is introduced to clients, allowing hands-free updates via the internet.
  • May 2002 – We celebrate our 20th year as ‘America’s Music and Message Service Since 1982’.
  • December 2002 – We move to our current 5,000 sq. ft. office and studios, that feature three in-house state-of-the-art recording facilities.
  • April 1998 – Our studios are upgraded to digital equipment, featuring ‘Pro Tools’ recording software, that allows for digital editing and mixing.
  • May 1997 – We celebrate our 15th year as ‘America’s Music and Message Service Since 1982’.
  • March 1997 – We implement our national On Hold Voices Network, allowing clients to choose their favorite voice talents for their company’s recordings.
  • October 1996 – We introduce ‘remote-download’ digital players.  Clients now enjoy ‘hands-free’ updates from our studios, with delivery over phone lines or fax lines.
  • May 1994 – We update all clients to ‘digital’ players, eliminating muffled and dragging endless-loop cassettes.
  • May 1992 – Medical on hold messages and dental on hold messages are offered to practices nationally.
  • May 1992 – We celebrate our 10th year as ‘America’s Music and Message Service Since 1982’.
  • May 1987 – We celebrate our 5th year as ‘America’s Music and Message Service Since 1982’.
  • January 1984 – Endless-loop cassette tape and players replace cart machines,  which allows service to be offered nationally.
  • April 1983 – Auto dealers and HVAC dealers from the northeast begin to ‘call in’ requesting the on hold messages for their business.  Clients were agreeable to use ‘cart machine’ players requiring hands on head cleaning and replacement of carts to eliminate dead silence and to market to their captive callers.
  • May 1982 – We first begin marketing on hold messages to businesses and industry throughout Georgia.  Our first on hold player was a modified radio station cart machine, modified with amplifiers and speakers to accommodate on hold messages.


We currently service more than 4000 clients. Service intervals range from one new production annually, to monthly updates – even weekly for some clients!
  • "I think out of all the purchases I have made within ten years this one was about the most priceless piece of advertising and promotion for our company. It allows the caller to listen to the services and products we have available while waiting on hold. It gives the impression of a bigger company almost a franchise sort of impression-global. I recommend it to all of my business associates if they do not have one. For a small company out image seems much larger by this device. I like the options of having a Christmas tape also for the holidays."

    Eleni Balasakis Venous Systems, Inc.
  • "And a great big "shout out" to production for doing such a great job with all of these sound effects we keep throwing at ya! We had tons of compliments from our October production! The owners could not have been happier!"

    Toni DeLorenzo Boyd's Pharmacy
  • "We, at Dyer & Dyer Volvo, have been using Commercials On Hold for nearly five [now eight] years and are very happy with the service and follow-up. We have found that their on-hold messages are an excellent way to make the most of our customer's holding time. On-hold advertising allows us to give clients the answers to their commonly asked questions and concerns. We feel this form of advertising is beneficial and intend to keep using the service for years to come."

    Mike Fowler Dyer & Dyer Volvo
  • "Commercials On Hold is an extremely reliable, yet cost efficient company that always produces a very professional product. Deadlines are always met and their work is very high quality. They represent us well to our customers."

    Dave Girolamo Curry Honda
  • "Flow Automotive companies have used Commercials On Hold for several years and are very happy with the service and follow-up. We have found that their on-hold messages are an excellent way to make the most of our customer's holding time. On-hold advertising allows us to give clients the answers to their commonly asked questions and concerns. We feel this form of advertising is beneficial and intend to keep using the service for years to come."

    Terry Herndon Flow Honda
  • "We use Commercials On Hold in all of our dealerships. It allows us to get our messages across to our customers while they are on hold. Commercials On Hold enhances our image by allowing us to tailor specific announcements that may be useful to the caller. I have always found the staff to be courteous, helpful, and professional. It's a pleasure working with them and I highly recommend Commercials On Hold."

    John S. White Ron Lewis Automotive Group
  •  "Kudos to you and your company for providing quality productions and great customer service!"

    Linda Howarth New Castle, DE
  • "Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to produce some top notch spots. I think that having our Commercials On Hold has been a great addition to our company."

    J. Maidlow Anderson, IN
  • "We use Commercials On Hold in all ten of our locations. The staff has always been accommodating to our needs. One time we made a request for a production to be expedited to us. I couldn't believe it...they called to play the production over the phone for me the very same day I approved the script. Their customer service is excellent!"

    Nancy Kennetz Excelsior Manufacturing and Supply Corp.
  • "Two years ago we were presented with an opportunity to utilize another company. The price was right and I thought that it would be hard for someone to screw up music on hold, so we made the switch. After one year away from Commercials on Hold I knew we made a bad decision. A good product is only half of the picture, good customer service and follow up complete the package and that is what I know we get with Commercials on Hold."

    M. Schwarz Cincinnati, OH
  • "My HVAC company has been with Commercials On Hold over 15 years, and there's a big reason for that. Not only do the messages reassure our customers, they also generate questions. When I pick up the phone after a customer is on hold, it's not uncommon to have someone ask about planned maintenance, a promotion, or some other topic they heard on hold. Commercials On Hold is a proven selling tool in my business. They really know the industry and how to produce results for my business."

    M. Brosseit Lenexa, KS
  • "We love Commercials On Hold! Your product helps us spread the word to our customers on what we offer... that they may not know about. It is a great value and your service is very responsive."

    R. Secor Bend, OR
  • "(Commercials On Hold) Keeps the customer calm and occupied while they're waiting. Many times they'll ask questions about what they've just heard. We've sold more than what it's cost us by many times."

    D. Sorg Frankfort, KY
  • "The staff at Commercials On Hold always does a great job on our messages. Our customers really like them, and so do we. Their voicers give our business a very professional image. I enjoy listening to them myself."

    A. Martin Charlottesville, VA
  • "Here at Environmental Systems Associates, we have been very pleased with the way our productions sound, especially the creative ones with sound effects and dialog. We have even had customers ask to be placed back on hold so they can finish hearing the skit."

    Kate Kuhn Environmental Systems Associates
  • "We continue to be very pleased with your productions and consistent timeliness. We have received many compliments and have even been called back by a customer who asked to be put back on hold! Can you believe that ?!?"

    S. Beverly Florence, AL
  • "You do a GREAT job! You truly are professionals!"

    D. Elsbernd Decorah, IA
  • "Commercials On Hold has been a great means of advertising for our company. After callers have been on hold, they often ask questions about something they have just heard."

    Joan Millon Top Notch
  • "I love cross-selling...Commercials On Hold is the perfect way to introduce new ideas to customers."

    E. Engle Middletown, NY
  • "Erica is an experienced copywriter who turned a couple ideas from me into a paragraph that helped lead to our selling 200 cases of water almost overnight!"

    Robert Chadwell Chadwell Supply
  • "I can always count on Commercials On Hold when there's an emergency or when we need additional service. People often ask where they can get recordings like ours and I'm happy to refer them to Commercials On Hold."

    Judi Mavromatis Burton and Burton
  • "Gail, you and your company were a pleasure to do business with. Your professionalism and efficiency are second to none. The commercial came out exactly the way we wanted it. We just want to thank you and the entire staff at Commercials on Hold."

    Anthony M. DeSantis Carlucci-Golden-DeSantis Funeral Home, Inc.
  • "Commercials on Hold enables SOS to deliver a customized on hold music and messages to our valued clients. Moreover, we can tailor the message to recognize one of our employees for delivering outstanding customer service, or we can choose to provide an informative message regarding special promotions or new products and services. We try very hard to minimize the time a client is on hold; however, your service allows us to turn a generally negative situation into a positive communications opportunity."

    Terry W. Strecker Standard Office Systems
  • "We have received a lot of compliments on our service and are very happy with it. I heard about your service at our national convention, which had I learned about nothing else, would have made the trip worthwhile all by itself. Sometimes I'll even place callers on hold just so they can become more educated about our services."

    Brian Endres Atlas Master Companies
  • "We, at Independent Insurance Agents of America, take very seriously our commitment to our members as they are our number one customer. It is important that we are not only an education and informational source for our agent members, but we contribute to our members agents' everyday success. Commercials On Hold shares this customer vision and proves it every day. Their commitment coupled with excellent customer service and attention to detail is why we use Commercials On Hold for our own on hold messages."

    Ryann C. Harris Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc.
  • "We feel very proud when other professionals call our office and make wonderful comments about our on hold telephone messages from Commercials On Hold. Really impressive also to patients. We have scheduled appointments from questions inspired by them."

    Regina Ashley The Office of Dr. Mantooth
  • "In our 23 years of business we have advertised in various ways but nothing has paid off as fast as Commercials On Hold. It has helped in acquiring new customers that had by chance called us in regard to a product they were looking for and through the commercials discovered we had other products they needed. The success of this program has paid for itself within a short period of its implementation."

    Richard Lawrimore Atlantic Tape Company, Inc.
  • Texan Eye has used Commercials On Hold for a number of years. We trust them to provide credible, relevant, and current information that we are confident in delivering to our patients. The recording and editing process always exceeds our standards.  Commercials On Hold has always been a pleasure to work with! If we need to make changes or additions to the proposed script, the turnaround time is extremely fast. This product is a wonderful investment as it maintains patient satisfaction despite potential caller wait times. Texan Eye highly recommends this professional and polished product produced by a wonderful company.

    Anslee Boozer Texan Eye Care
  • "Since joining Commercials On Hold in October of 2013 we have been extremely satisfied with the service received. The initial set up was seamless, the ongoing communication with regards to script changes and seasonal updates is extremely well-organized and the customer service is exceptional. I would without doubt highly recommend Commercials On Hold."

    Natalie Cui The Children's Clinic
  • "Great Service at a Great Price!  Nice not to have to create our own ads...they do all the work for us!"

    Kelly Phillips Auto Plus & Marine
  • "We are once again endorsing Commercials On Hold for the 5th straight year in a row as our ONLY approved vendor for all recorded Fastest Labs® messages. Gail, the biggest reason we enjoy Commercials On Hold is the phenomenal service we receive from you. We love our commercials and want to THANK YOU for all you do."

    Dave Claflin Fastest Labs
  • "We have been doing  business with Commercials on Hold for many years. Everyone there has always been pleasant to deal with.  Fast response time when we need help with something."

    Diane Hazen Peter J. Kelly, M.D., P.C.
  • "Everyone who is placed on hold comments about how professional our messages sound. Simply putting a caller on hold adds to their perception of our quality. One of our clients enjoyed the messages on hold so much that they asked for more information. Thank you for providing such a great service."

    Michael Goone, DDS Leading Edge Dental Center
  • “I am now on my second year with Transmedia Commercials on hold and absolutely love this company. The professionalism, attention to detail choice of music and voices is outstanding. I never have to do anything. Everything is written for me and if I request a change it is done with no questions asked. There is not one negative thing I can say about this company. You truly are the best company that I have ever worked with.”

    Roseanne Gallagher J.Madison Wellness Spa & Salon
  • "We have been using Commercials On Hold for over 20 years, and really appreciate their reasonable price and 100% great service. Ginger has been so nice to work with, and we recommend them to any business who has a need for their services - ones which many companies may not even realize can be a very helpful part of their marketing efforts."

    Robert Cunningham Stuart Powell Ford Lincoln Mazda
  • "Woodard Cooling & Heating is proud of our partnership with Commercials On Hold. They always provide excellent customer service and go above and beyond to keep us as a customer!  They reach out to us for script changes and write great dialogue that keeps our customers very informed of the products and services we offer. I would highly recommend Commercials On Hold to anyone looking for this type of on-hold service!"

    L. Woodard Henderson, KY
  • "For years we at Georgia Cancer Specialists, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute have been very pleased with Commercials On Hold. Their friendly and professional staff continue to provide excellent customer service and prompt response times for all of our service needs. I would highly recommend Commercials On Hold."

    Darrell Dobey Georgia Cancer Specialists
  • "Great Job thanks for making that so easy for me!"

    Bob Fuller Fullers Car Wash & Fast Lube
  • "We sound so much more professional when people are put on hold!  Our clients love all the great personalized veterinary information about our doctors and what we have to while they are waiting for us to return to the line. It has been a great addition to our practice!"

    Julie Keen Harris Pet Hospital
  • "Thank you process was easy . I want to say I wish all companies operated like Commercials On Hold we are very pleased with you service."

    Joe Delgado Comp Turbo Technology Inc.
  • Oh my goodness - you're all awesome. This is a somewhat difficult account that we are trying to please since they are so large. A million thank yous!

    Cindy S. Manheim Seattle



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