Overhead Music Samples

Create the perfect atmosphere

Overhead Music Samples

Overhead music creates an atmosphere that people will associate with your business. Combine this with well-timed overhead advertisements, and you have a smart marketing tool.

Some studies have shown that atmospheric music can:

  • Increase sales (Matilla & Wirtz)Increase sales (Matilla & Wirtz)
  • Influence purchase intentions (Baker et al.)
  •  Increase the time to buy and hold (Milliman)
  •  Decrease the perception of buying time and waiting (Chebat et al.)
  •  Influence the rate of consumption of a meal in restaurants (Milliman)
  •  Influence consumer perception of a store (Hui et al.)

Furthermore, 41% of shoppers who recalled hearing in-store advertisements made a purchase they were not planning after hearing an announcement about the product or service in the business. (Arbitron Inc.)


66% of all purchasing decisions are made from impulse at the point-of-purchase due to overhead advertisement. (Point-of-purchase advertising institute.)  During a national retail media study more than one-third of shoppers who recalled hearing retail audio advertisements when they were shopping purchased a brand different from the one they originally intended to buy after hearing it advertised. (Arbitron Inc.)  And in medical offices where sound may carry through walls, overhead music can help keep doctor/patient conversations private.


However, it’s not quite as simple as just hooking up speakers and tuning in to a radio station.  The proper licensing must be obtained in order to play music at a business.  Plus, by playing the radio overhead, you’re inadvertently advertising for other businesses—maybe even your competitors—when radio ads run.  Fortunately, Commercials On Hold is here to help you enjoy the benefits of overhead music, while going through all the proper channels.


In partnership with Playlist Connect, we’re offering multiple channels of music that are perfect for your business. Whether you’re a retail store, medical/dental practice, veterinary office, repair facility, or auto dealership, we have something that would be perfect for the mood you want to create for your business.  We can bundle services to include overhead music or overhead music with a mix of messages, along with your current on hold service from Commercials On Hold.  Plus, we can assist you with any installation of equipment that might be needed.


Please note, the overhead music options are separate from our on hold music library, and are only licensed for overhead music use.  However, for an additional fee, you may opt to use music from the overhead music library on hold.  Contact us at 800-832-4653 for a quote.



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