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Curious to hear how on-hold messages will sound for your business? You can with a FREE, completely customized demo from Commercials On Hold! Experience the Difference Between Silence and On Hold Music with Marketing Messages!

Simply fill out the Demo Request form.

We’ll contact you for a short overview of your company and phone system.

Our team of copywriters and producers will use your info to create a demonstration of custom hold messages, featuring professional voice talents and licensed on hold music.

We’ll send you the completed demo production, along with prices for all service options.

A team member will call to confirm the receipt of materials and to answer any questions you have. So claim yours today!

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  • "We, at Independent Insurance Agents of America, take very seriously our commitment to our members as they are our number one customer. It is important that we are not only an education and informational source for our agent members, but we contribute to our members agents' everyday success. Commercials On Hold shares this customer vision and proves it every day. Their commitment coupled with excellent customer service and attention to detail is why we use Commercials On Hold for our own on hold messages."

    Ryann C. Harris Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc.

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