You know us as Commercials On Hold.  It’s a name that has served us well.  It’s short, sweet, and easy to remember; and, it sums up what we’ve been doing since 1982.  However, on hold messaging is just one of the services we provide.  Keep reading and you may be surprised to learn what all we’re capable of offering.

Under the umbrella of our parent company, Transmedia Advertising, we can pretty much provide anything audio related.  Prompts for your phone’s auto attendant?  Why, yes…we can do that.  Radio ads?  We can write and record those, too.  Audio to accompany a video?  Sure!  Overhead announcements to run at your store?  Of course!  If it can be spoken into a microphone and put to music (or not, depending on the situation), we’re ready to help you.  Our team includes proficient copywriters, broadcast-quality voice talents, and production engineers who can handle all aspects of the process, so you can maintain a professional image with all your audio marketing endeavors.  Of course, there was that one time a doctor’s office manager asked us to record a sultry, “adult” version of his commercials as a joke…and another time we had a request for a rap-style commercial for a business to play at a company meeting…  But hey, we did it and they were happy!

But we don’t stop at audio.  We also offer web design and hosting.  These days, it’s almost impossible to succeed without a solid web presence.  It’s no longer enough just to have a static page with just a few details.  Presentation is everything, and the look of your website can make or break your image.  If it looks as if your website was designed in 2005 and never updated, potential customers will (perhaps subconsciously) assume that your services and technology are equally as outdated.  So, whether you have no website at all, or you just want to polish up the one you have, give us a call.  We can enhance the look of your site, and provide regularly updated content.

Even if you’re happy with your current website, you may find that moving your site to our server will save you money on web hosting fees—especially if you’re already relying on us for your on hold music and messages.  Be sure to ask about our bundled pricing on these and our other services.

And of course, who could forget social media?  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube have become valuable tools for helping businesses stay in touch with their customers while also gaining new ones.  But maybe you’re so busy running your company and keeping up with everyday tasks that you simply don’t have time to maintain a regular presence on these platforms.  No problem.  We’ll be happy to help you by providing updated content that will draw more people to your page and get you greater exposure.

So, perhaps we should change our name to Commercials On Hold Audio Recording Web Design and Hosting Social Media Marketing; but we’d really hate to have to answer the phone with a name that long!  If you’re interested in putting our team to work for you, give us a call today at 800-832-4653.

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